A 26-year veteran of the local restaurant industry who owns the Sweetz Cheesecake bakery in Gaithersburg and That Cheesecake Truck. 

A former accountant, Craig and his wife Andrea in 1988 followed their love for food, and with their savings and generosity of family, they opened Sweetz Cheesecake. Originally primarily selling to restaurants and hotels, in 1992 they opened a retail store and in 2000 added a fundraising program for schools and nonprofits. 



Kevin attended Purdue University and has a degree in computer graphic engineering. He has always had a love for science and mathematics. In 2010, Kevin decided to move to the DMV area from Chicago, IL.  In 2011, Kevin was presented with the unique opportunity to become a partner of Sweetz Cheesecake with the development of "That Cheesecake Truck" - the mobile portion of Sweetz Cheesecake. Kevin has since used his science and math abilities to construct some of the most unique items Sweetz has to offer their customers.   


Cristen spent most of her childhood growing up and working in the family business. She returned in 2010 with her husband after graduating from Loyola University of Chicago in 2006. Cristen coordinates all events and new clients for Sweetz Cheesecake and That Cheesecake Truck while spending her days with a career in the hospitality field.